Imaginify celebrates women who have a passion for technology and digital

Imaginify empowers women and girls to pursue careers in digital and technology.

Imaginify builds technology that helps women and girls reach their potential

The Facts

  • Women hold only 25% of computing jobs and make up just over a quarter of computer science graduates. Following a peak in 1991 (36%) this number is declining.
  • Women own less than 5% of technology startups, and hold just 11% of senior roles in Silicon Valley, even though a 2016 Peterson Institute for International Economics report found that having a woman on the board correlated with a 15% increase in profitability, on average.
  • 41% of women will quit a technology role, compared to 17% of men.
  • For women in technology under 25, earnings are 29% less than men in the same age bracket.
  • This is in spite of the fact that 74% of young girls express an interest in STEM fields and computer science.

This needs to change.


An ISACA Global Survey Report in 2017 found that more than half of technology companies face a shortage of talent. With women holding just one in four technology jobs, the sector is clearly missing out on brainpower and innovation.

The survey found that the biggest barriers to entry into a technology field for women are:

  1. A lack of female mentors (48%) and role models (42%)
  2. Limited networking opportunities (27%)

So what’s the plan?

We will:

Celebrate women who have a passion for technology and digital, inspiring the next generation to dream bigger. We will showcase the lives and work of normal women in tech – not just the superstars of Silicon Valley (amazing though they are!)

Empower girls to pursue careers in digital and technology, through mentoring, role models, networking opportunities and resources for girls and young women, and their schools.

Build technology that helps women and girls reach their potential. Our apps will bring together our diverse experiences as women, and our skills in design, data science, consumer psychology and mental health, to create tools that change lives.